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BW Spa Parts Blog Post February 2013

Question on Almost Everybody's Mind

We have noticed and have been informed that there are “spa parts” companies selling spa parts for pennies on the dollar. Parts are being sold for what is considered to be a few dollars above distributor pricing. So what is the reason for this? We can all speculate that they are buying from the manufacturers directly and obtaining lower cost but, in reality this is not necessarily true. What is going on is they are just making enough money to cover cost, processing fees and a few dollars for profit. They are trying to make a profit through volume and not customer or technical support for their customers.      

A company must train their employees on the product they are selling. To do this is a business expense that does not come cheap. So what is really going on? Simple! They don’t have the technical or customer service ability to assist their customers with installation, tips or knowledge of the product they are selling. They hope the information they provide is correct. They hope that a mistake is not made. They hope that stating “We will get back to you” and don’t, will be enough for you to forget about it because you bought the part so cheap. They tell you to contact the manufacturer for technical assistance, hoping that the manufacturer will speak to the “end user”, which they usually will not do. So where does that leave the customer? High and Dry with a part or a problem that you don’t have an answer to.      

Let us use an analogy that we all can understand Hotels and Motels. You’re looking to find a Motel room for $19.99 an night, while driving down the road. You find it for just that. Great! What happens at 2:00am when the train rolls by and wakes you up? What happens when people walk past your room at 3:15am making noise and wakes you up? Was the room worth the $19.99 you paid? Probably not since you didn’t get any sleep.

Now let us say you found a room and it was $79.99 a night. There is no nearby train. The walls and doors insulate your room better so you don’t hear anyone outside you room.  You get a complimentary buffet breakfast and free coffee before you leave. You are now rested, energized and have a full belly for your travels.      

We now ask you to choose which scenario you would prefer? We would pick the latter and hope you would also.      

Online purchases are comparable. When you pay a little more for the parts you are looking for you are also purchasing better support, knowledge and accountability for the purchase.

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